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Coconut54 founded a few years ago with the dream to give people another healthy option to eat.. not the usual lettuce and tomato squares (that its yummy, don’t get me wrong… BUT.. a bit boring..), a better experience for your senses and your body. Coconut54 was and is one of my favorites projects, with variety and a little bit of more freedom to create or to propose. In this project I had the opportunity to work and learn from the team, one of those times when you feel blessed to call “work” to the thing you do… to the thing you love.
The project had many different products, and personally I find that very enjoyable. have that kind of variety to fill every need the customer may have, and turn their breakfast (or any meal) and entire new experience, but way more healthier and of course, TASTIER!
Here you can see all of them in each phase, since the sketch to the final design, enjoy!
Final labels: