Dark river

Digital art Illustration

This is the digital version of one I did on charcoal and pencils back when I was living in the Caribbean. Was a great challenge to paint water for the first time digitally. It became one of my favorites so far.

This is time of hope, time to take a moment to breathe out excuses and breathe in solutions.

A good opportunity to represent our mother earth, tired, sad… because of our behavior, not only against this world, also to witness our behavior between each other… but as I said.. not everything is lost, the hope inside my heart still exist, and is coming back from the deepest waters of selfishness and destruction I am able to see around the world.

We are living a time of revolution, giving a better meaning to the word “humanity”, and giving the chance to our world to re born with a smile…

Check out the two parts of the process on my YouTube channel!